We made it, NYC

16 Dec

The flight was long and tiring, but I have to admit not as hard as I was imaging. The airline does a good job staggering the food and snacks and a tremendous job offering water throughout the cabin to keep you hydrated.  One flight attendent, it seemed, made it her duty to make sure I got a glass or two of water everytime she passed, commenting how nursing could make you really thirsty. Thank you to her, yes, and it was super dry on the flight.
Our flight was overnight, so Wyatt, Robert, and Seth watched two movies, ate dinner,  and then tried to sleep. From my vantage they seemed to have slept pretty well, Ada and I on the other hand, didn’t…she just wasn’t able to get comfy. I would say that total I probably slept about 2 hours, not consecutively. Even after saying all that, it wasn’t that bad. And it’s weird, you leave at 5pm Sunday and arrive at 5:55pm Sunday. While asking the boys if they were excited Robert said, “Are you ready to go up on the plane, have the earth spin, and then land on the same day and time?” Bizarre, huh?
We departed the plane, kids got to stamp their own passports at customs, and off to take a taxi to the hotel. We checked in and all commented on how weird it felt to be in America. We had a late dinner at Chevy’s Mex Fresh, which was okay. My magarita was the best part;). A quick walk in the brisk winter air and back to catch a bit of the Steelers(we were looking for Santa Chip). Lights off around 10 in hopes that sleep would come to our jet lagged crew. After some giggling the boys finally were quiet, until 2 in the morning…We all woke up hoping it was later, forcing ourselves back to sleep. But, of course, their was fighting about who was touching who and cover hogging, so Robert switched spots with Wyatt. Then the singing and humming ensued, next thing I remember is seeing the sparkle of sunlight coming through the curtains. We all had finally fallen back to sleep until around 8. Night one a success! Now if only Ada didn’t have a fever:(  The boys are out exploring The Statue of Liberty, 9-11 memorial, and some stores. My view for today I fear, but hopefully it will pass quickly.





One Response to “We made it, NYC”

  1. Danielle December 18, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    Have so much fun!

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