Side affects of our visit home

9 Jan

It was a wonderful and much needed  trip back, especially for the kids. Home-cooked meals every night, fussing over all our needs, reconnecting in person with loved ones, and remembering what I miss about being in the same time zone as family and friends. I think that is why I feel a bit homesick.  Especially these next two weeks and change with Robert traveling back to the states to help close some deals up before Chinese New Year. 

At home, I knew I had friends and family nearby who, if I really needed them, could help in a pinch. In Beijing, we are all(expats) sort of out of our element, and always needing help in some way. That being said, I do have friends I would ask for help if I really needed it (don’t worry mom).

Some things that I realized I was missing aside from friends and family: driving when I want to, consistently hot water, the mail, ordering food in English, shopping for clothes/shoes(haha) easily, and not having to check an air pollution app.

But, home is where your heart is, and for now most pieces of my heart are here in Beijing. So for another six months or so we are going to keep on enjoying our adventure even while missing some big and not so big things at home.


On our way back


The boys section on the return trip to Beijing

**Everytime I use affects or effects I struggle with what one…

One Response to “Side affects of our visit home”

  1. Jen January 12, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    So nice to see you all 🙂 love and miss. Those seats on the airplane don’t look too bad… Hmm

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