Parenting solo on the other side of the world

17 Jan

It’s been almost 10 days, and we are all still surviving. Another week to go in this solo gig. I have to say that having an ayi makes dinner and homework time much easier to handle even when you know no daddy relief is coming home, even if we do have that language barrier.
Last weekend, I took the boys ice skating. This weekend, I am going to attempt snow tubing with all three of them. Of nothing else, it will make a great blog post. 
Wyatt has been amazing these past few month, and especially while Robert has been away. He earned the dragon award at school, too.

Seth has been good, too. He has just never been a morning person. Poor baby, I have to shake him up for school, which in turn makes a grouchy morning start.


Gargie trying to wake Seth too

We had one of our worst air days since we have been here this week, over 600.


Yuck! Waiting for our driver after a lll meeting.

Just like home, we are all in my bedroom and bathroom. And so are ada’s many babies.  We had to make their own bed with an storage tote.


But I did get the water fixed!!!yeah;).
And actually got to take a shower in it, double bonus.

Miss you babe:)

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