That’s a lot of man made snow/ice

28 Jan

Finally, Robert was home for the weekend, and everyone was well!  We were able to check out yuyuantan park and it’s snow and ice festival.
I will say one thing about China, they are really good at advertising and staging great pictures!!!  Like I have found with most places, even though very fun and interesting, the pictures tend to embellish a tad bit.
The boys had a great time playing with daddy, it was crazy to see a crap load of manmade snow right in the middle of a city park, and even Ada rode down on the ice tube slide.


We are gearing up for Chinese New Year. 2014 is the year of the horse. We had labajui yesterday for dinner. It is a type of porridge made with 8 ingredients. It was actually pretty yummy, but seemed more like a breakfast food to us. Here is an  if you are interested in some facts. 



The boys have a parade and celebration at school, and then a weekend and a half off.





We are going to visit a temple festival, sight see with Beijing hikers, and hopefully really take in all the excitement of this time of year.  Stay tuned for the next weekly update;)


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