Hopefully the end of February will put an end to this string of hazardous air…

24 Feb

Just a quick update;).  We have had to keep our activities inside due to air quality, so here we go…
Last weekend we went to our nearby flower market, which is huge and has everything from fish tanks, wine glasses, pergolas, birds, flowers potted and fresh cut, and outdoor seven foot plus statues. Since we only have about five months left we were just in the ideas gathering mode, which was hard for Wyatt and Seth. They are plant lovers, even if they only keep them alive for a few months;). We ended up buying some artwork, which can travel home with us, unlike the dwarf hamster that was spotted and instantly wanted. I keep reminding them that we have a dwarf dog, but you know…

Then we ate lunch at The Orchard. It was yummy!  They use local fresh mostly organic ingredients. After lunch the boys and Ada played in the actual orchard and crept around with the free range chickens.  Masks on though:(

That night we went to our Lenovo/Raleigh friends, the Bakers, for chili night. Vegetarian and meat to try, along with a yummy gluten free, dairy free carrot cake for dessert. The kids played, and we enjoyed some wine and adult conversation.

Sunday was Tarik’s day off, so I suggested Robert taxi it with the boys to the infamous fundazzle. He took the bait and the boys were so happy!!!  So I had a quiet afternoon of Ada napping, then we taxied it to meet them for an early dinner downtown. Taxi drivers are another blog post altogether…
A great normal family weekend!


Seth zhende xiang zhege.


Taking a break at fundazzle, sweaty boys


Seth Ada and me in the taxi next to Robert and Wyatts taxi


Aquarium revisit two weekends ago, the boys wanted daddy to see it;)




My future stress, Ada hugging a boy riding a motorcycle


Singing let it go from frozen

One Response to “Hopefully the end of February will put an end to this string of hazardous air…”

  1. Jen March 5, 2014 at 1:00 am #

    That carrot cake sounded awesome! Glad you had a good weekend. Love you. I want to me gargie- how does he get back to the US?

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