Beautiful clear skies and friends

1 Mar

Last week was beautiful. The wind was blowing, so it kept the pollution under control. It also made me question my snap decision the previous week that we only wanted a year in Beijing. That week the air was bad for five days in a row, and Robert was asked if we had made our decision about returning home. Hell yes, we want to go home to always sunny Cary…but I flip flop.  There is still so much I want to see and people I will truely miss.
But, just so no one reading this(mom) gets all worried, we will be returning sometime this summer. If we stay it would be the reverse effect of Robert traveling to the states similar to the year prior to us moving to Beijing. That would be yucky times two!!!
This weekend a neighbor had a pizza night, 10 adults and I think 20 kids. We walked, one thing about living here I will miss, walking or other easy ways of getting places besides the car.


Watching frozen at pizza night

Saturday we went into the city, we had some errands to do and ate some yummy dumplings for lunch. Then we visited the furniture street area of Beijing, crazy humongous. One store in particular caters to westerners, Lily’s antiques, and I think Robert wants one of everything! Beautiful pieces of all different styles, now to decide what we want to bring back. Walking through all those rooms reminded me of having to go to Furniture City in North Carolina with my parents as a child during our yearly vacation. Wyatt and Seth weren’t too fond of this trip to the city, but they saw some trinkets to add to their wish lists. Next off to bargain at the market, one of my least favorite things to do. It really exhausts me. Especially for things like clothes, toys, well actually everything! Dinner at an American style bar, no cooking today;).


Seth and I loved these chairs

An eye opening experience for the boys after dinner, a mother came up to us asking for our leftovers. Seth really took it to heart and thought hard about what that meant for those children. We gave them our food, and she immediately opened the containers and fed her kids. It was very different than when beggars just ask for money, very visual for Seth to see just how lucky we are never wanting for anything.

Sunday was a lazy day with playdates, haircuts, and Xbox playing. (And unsuccessful rat wrangling)


Rat wrangling clothes. We almost had it!

I could say don’t even ask why Wyatt has a guinea pig, but just to stop you all from thinking I had gone nuts here’s the story.


The pig

So, our driver’s wife brought home a baby guinea pig and rabbit for their son. Our driver’s mother is one tough lady, she said no either kill them or five them away. So, of course, they were brought to our house. Well, the bunny died three hours later, obviously something was not right. But we still have the guinea pig, and have been trying to give it away for about two weeks now. Please send positive thoughts that someone will take it soon, while it’s still cute…
Seth’s tracksuit swagger, lol!!!

I, obviously, need to get this girl some fairy wings!

2 Responses to “Beautiful clear skies and friends”

  1. Dina Goembel March 24, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

    okay – when you say “rat wrangling clothes,” do you mean you have an actual rat in the house? i’m all heebeejeebee’d out! 🙂

    • juliecberkowitz March 29, 2014 at 8:47 am #

      Yes, we “had” a rat. I haven’t heard or seen it since I screamed at it;).

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