The work thing

8 Mar

Robert had a team building thing for work this weekend and families were invited. For some reason, we were the only family…
It was held at a retreat center called Xiedao. Here is their website if you’d like to have a look.  It was quite interesting and very Chinese. No one spoke English in the resort, at least I didn’t find anyone.
We met Robert there after I picked the boys up from school. Driving through it seemed pretty deserted, finally we found Robert complete with China costume. We met some of the infamous co-workers, waited while we were checked in, and then took our luggage to the room. It was old school Chinese, if you look here on trip advisor, you’ll see what I mean. Out of date decor, silly translations, old looking, but suitable for our one night there. There was an old Chinese style type room too, but we needed too many beds.
Now for dinner, pretty normal Chinese experience, a bunch of different dishes family style. There was some congealed pig blood. I had seen it just the week before at the market with the tofu. We all passed, well, all the Americans at least. Tarik told me it was really good, and it’s probably really healthy for you, but…
We had a glimpse into our future with Seth and college. When co workers go out for dinner it is customary to toast and drink a lot. Gongbei is what you say and then bottoms up. Seth was gongbei-ing his sprite…and downing it faster than the adults. I’m a little worried.
The next morning Robert had some team building activities, so I took the kids to explore. They had their minds stuck on swimming, so in we went. It was an interesting experience: we swam, fish ate our feet, and then we burnt them off in hot lava rose water.Wyatt and Seth loved the fish eating your feet. They saw someone doing it in Phuket, so we excited when I suggested we try. My feet were covered in fish within 30 seconds, and I had to take mine out so the boys could get some action. Wish I would of had pictures, but three kids, climbing up and down ladders, water, and my phone just wasn’t happening.
If you hadn’t guessed, we were the only westerners, and little or no English was spoken. The lockers area was yet another experience. Needless to say, I haven’t learned the word for towel yet, and I had passed my two along to Wyatt and Seth because they had to go into the men’s locker room. Walking around naked holding Ada in a Chinese hot springs resort ranks up there with one of the more awkward situations I have been exposed to on this adventure.


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