Is there such a thing as too many Easter egg hunts?

21 Apr

A Curry family tradition for Easter is an egg hunt. Ever since I can remember every Easter Sunday we have woken up, grabbed bags and started the mad scramble searching for those brightly colored plastic eggs filled with either candy or money.  We’d find our baskets and a bunny dressed in a new outfit, too. When my children came along the tradition continued, but usually we have been meeting at a vacation hotel on spring break, so my parents have packed eggs and baskets in their suitcases to keep the tradition alive.

This year in Beijing was no different, but with limited packing space Robert helped out and brought back eggs from the states.  Wy, Seth, and Ada grabbed their bags and ransacked the house for eggs;).
But, of course, one egg hunt isn’t enough…
We were headed to a friends’ villa for their clubhouse egg hunt. It was fun, and I always appreciate how the clubhouses try their best to accommodate different countries’ celebrations to help ease some homesickness. The funny Chinese part was that not all the eggs contained candy, if you found the golden egg you received the big prize which was a huge chocolate egg, and it cost ¥60 per child. So, our three found a bunch of empty eggs, and probably wound up with a piece of candy each, oh, and a basket;)
Next, we all were headed to brunch at The Orchard. We were all hungry, and very pleased with brunch! Yummy salads, salmon, champagne, and another egg hunt;). The kids were surprised and so were we. This time paper eggs from Ikea were hidden on the grounds around a pond. The children with the most eggs received a big basket of goodies, plus all the kids got a bad of goodies just for hunting.Wyatt, Seth, and Sophie added their eggs together and split the big prize three ways. I was very impressed with how grown up and fair they treated each other during this process. If only we would have known, we could have saved ¥180 on three pieces of candy and baskets.
It was a wonderful day of egg hunts, family, friends, and food!


Us with the Baker family who also is in Beijing for a year with lenovo


Ada hunting


With Boppee at the orchard


Go girl, get your ¥60 worth


Ada was scared of both bunnies


Carved lamb on buffet line


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