Guest blogger Boppee shares, “My Chinese Alphabet”

29 Apr

A is for 13+ hour plane ride to visit our oldest daughter, son in law, and 3 grandchildren

B is for Beijing where we spent the last 15 days:)

C is for cars—there are so many and I am so thankful for Tarik-Julie’s driver who has nerves of steel.

D is for DaDong Restaurant.   Yummy duck carved table side. And the desserts were amazing– sugar glazed apples and “The Bomb”( chocolate molded bomb with sparkler that explodes –sort of–full of candy wrapped in edible paper!   Almost forgot—- The Dumpling Restaurant.   So many to choose from.

E is for Easter Egg hunts.  We went to 2.  One with plastic eggs and the other at The Orchard.  Where we had a grand buffet!

F is for Forbidden Palace.

G is for Gargie .  Julie’s new Pug dog.

H is for Hutong. An interesting long street in Beijing.  Full of all kinds of shops and snacks.

I is for incense.  Burning incense at the Lama Temple.  Beautiful architecture and Buddhas.   So much to see.

J is for just so happy to spend this time in Beijing with our grandkids–Wyatt, Seth and Ada. They taught us so much– bartering, chopsticks, Mandarin and tons of love

K is for Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace. We went solo– no excellent ExPat tour guide(Julie).  Spent 2 hour on an electric boat.  Touring on the lake was fun.  Much to see.

L is for love the public restrooms.  Hehehe. We always had our toilet paper. And was a great squatting exercises.

M is for Mutianyu.  This is the section of the Great Wall we hiked.  One of our first family trips.  After our climb we ate lunch at The Schoohouse Restaurant.  Julie had Michelle Obama’s special noodles.

N is for Night Market.   All kinds of food on a stick.  Snakes, starfish, sheep balls, fish, potatoes, Silkworm larvae, fruit and scorpions. Yes—Paul, Rob and Seth all had scorpions.

O is for Oh My!!!    Paul flipped the tuktuk—similar to a scooter with a cart attached.  It sure woke the Guards at the gate up.  Seriously, the Guards here are great.

P is for perfect Julie  Birthday dinner at the South Beauty!  Our first real Chinese food at a restaurant.  It was amazing how Julie and Wyatt know Mandarin.

Q is for quite the trip!

R is for really neat Beijing Acrobatic Show at Chaoyang theatre.   One of the tricks was getting across the street:). The favorite act was eight motorcycles in a cage.

S is for school.  We were fortunate enough to go to ISB.  We spent time in both boys classrooms.  And tried to walk them to the bus stop everyday.  Love those guys!

T is for Thank you to Tarik—Julie’s driver and Ayi—Julie’s afternoon helper.   So many T’s—–Temple of Heaven and Tianamen Square.

U is for USA.   So happy Julie will be returning home soon.  She was so blessed to have such great adventures here!

V is for van rides to all kinds of markets—Hutong,Silk Market, Fresh fruit/ veggie/eggs/meat/fish Market, and Dirt Market.

W is for walking.   Did a lot of this.  Especially to the Beijing International Auto Show.  Not a big car person but this was fun!

X is for Xie Xie for a wonderful trip.  Translated– Xie Xie= Thank you

Y is for Yes we loved the Chinese culture.

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzz.  Went to bed early every night to be ready for another exciting day;)

Have so much more to tell, but plan on having a party to bore our friends in Erie;).   Hugs from Boppee

One Response to “Guest blogger Boppee shares, “My Chinese Alphabet””

  1. Susan Smith April 29, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    Wow….what a wonderful opportunity….love the blog…..sounds like you had a great visit!

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