A hard decision….

25 May

Well, we had been thinking about it during our pack up for China a year ago, moving. I have always wanted more land for the kids to roam and a house with more natural light. Both Robert and I had been house browsing on different phone apps over the past year, but knew that we would really have to love it to move again. We found a couple that were interesting, but away from my comfort zone and great friends. We kept searching, wanting to stay in the same school district, but nothing with our wants in the area were available.
Enter hard decision: look elsewhere, start over again, change the boys school, leave friends and neighbors, leave Cary conveniences…
Obviously, friends was and still is the one I fret over, even as we are entering the final stages of purchasing our new house. Then I tell myself, wait, you were just in China for a year, all the way across the world. You still have managed to keep in contact with your friends, what is a 30 minute drive:)
I haven’t even physically seen the house yet, but I hear it’s great for parties, hint hint!!!
Seriously though, I think this new house move decision was harder than the move to Beijing for a year move. So please still keep in touch even if you get busy, which we know we all are busy. Even if it’s just an email or quick call.
We haven’t closed yet and have been doing everything remotely, so it’s kind of like a dream. Here are some pictures:

Just a preview because I can’t have you knowing as much as me:)


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