19 Jun

The day is here,  flying home.   The one idea that really made an impression on our driver this year was our overriding theme: home is where your heart is.  As long as you have a solid rock within your family,  that is where you make your home. Whether a husband and wife,  a family with kids,  or extended family all living in a small apartment; it’s that bond that can make anywhere in the world a home.  
The year went by in a blink!   It seems like just yesterday we were dazed and exhausted getting off the plane in Beijing looking for Tarik.   He found us with a smile, and today we said goodbye with hugs and promises of email correspondence to keep in touch.   I feel like we are leaving them behind,  we are going home,  and onto another adventure.   I see how it is definitely harder to be the expats or drivers or ayi who stays and is witness to the mass exodus year after year.   Walking past houses where friends use to live or trying to find another family as employers that suit you. 
There are things about China I will definitely miss and would have liked to stay another year, but blue skies are calling to me, too.   Also,  Robert’ s schedule is changing and more travel in the states would have put us in the same situation as the previous year.   So, we are following our hearts and making a new home back in the states.   I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  


Loading up the van


16 checked bags, 6+ carry-on, and 1 pug


Bye home, here we come home


Look at those handsome smiles


Getting ready to take off, bye Beijing


After over 15 hours of flight time


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