School policy…or is it

2 Sep

                   ****rant warning****


I look like I’m bitching about something in this picture and that’s just what you are about to read. So, stop if you only want positive thoughts for your day:)

Here we go…
Sweet Seth always seems to have his birthday coincide with the first day of school. Which sort of stinks because some teachers overlook his birthday altogether with all the hustle and bustle, then also forget it when the summer birthday celebration happens towards the end of the school year because they see the date and that school had already been in session. I have tried to every other year contact the teacher and make arrangements to bring something to share.
This year was no different.
My email:

We are out of town and will not be able to attend the meet the teacher. Is there anything Wyatt and Seth need to know before the first day of school?  We are new to morris grove this year.  We were living in Beijing last school year and they attended international school of Beijing.  The years before that they attended swift creek in wake county.  I have copies of all of their records if that would be helpful.  I already picked up their packets last week with the paperwork for the first day of school.  Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

Also, Ms. *****- Seth’s 7th birthday is on the first day of school, is there anyway I could provide a birthday treat for him to share?

Her email:

Welcome to Morris Grove! Ms. ****** and I are so happy to have Seth in our class this year! 

As for anything Seth needs to know before the first day, all he needs to bring are the paperwork forms you picked up and the school supply list that was sent in an email to you. I would like to have all of these by the end of the first week if possible, so no rush if he doesn’t have them by the first day! Seth really just needs to know if he is buying or bringing a lunch the first day and know how he is getting home (bus, car, walk, or afterschool). If you would let me know how he is getting home the first day that would be helpful just so I can make sure he gets where he needs to go!

As for his birthday being on the first day, I am so glad you let me know and we will definitely celebrate! Our district policy is strict on having food in classrooms because of health concerns and allergies, so unfortunately we are not allowed to use food in our lessons or to celebrate birthdays. However, I have a pencil, two balloons, and a birthday bookmark that I give each student on their birthday that they can keep! I will also decorate the room a little bit for Seth as well!

My email:

Thanks Ms. *****!  I understand the whole food allergy issue, is there anyway we could bring cut up watermelon to share?  And some little non food treat for Seth to pass out. Every year it seems his birthday is the first day of school, good way to break the ice I guess!

Her email:

 I wish I could let you bring watermelon in for the class but again, it is against district policy and I don’t want to start the year off on the wrong foot. If I could make the rules I would definitely allow for more food to be used in lessons and the classroom!

 Additionally, a lot is happening on the first day of school and it might not be the best time for you to come in because the class is just getting used to the school and new procedures. However, if you wanted to make goody bags for the class that do not have food in them, I would be more than happy to pass them out to the class on Monday! Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities later in the year for you to come in the classroom if you would like. 

I do want to assure you that we will take time on the first day to celebrate Seth’s birthday so that it is special! I will give him a few prizes that are his to keep, we will sing to him, and I will decorate his chair.  Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns!

My thoughts:
Really watermelon. Who is allergic to watermelon?
I’m am going to hit the roof when the next kid who’s birthday it is mother brings cupcakes…
I understand you will make him feel “special” but come on a pencil, paper bookmark, and a balloon on his chair. I’m willing to help.
I checked school policy, or at least what’s posted everywhere.
I understand your busy, but how about suggesting we wait a week? No nothing.
Then I cried…
School policy:

Classroom Celebrations •Limit to one celebration per month (one session, not day-long) for holidays, birthdays, congratulatory events, at which cake, cupcakes, or other sweet dessert are served . •Monthly celebrations do not have to be unhealthy. Healthy treats can be brought in by parents or a fruit and snack tray can be ordered from Child Nutrition Services. •Avoid foods for celebrations that may cause allergic reactions. •Consider non-food options for classroom celebrations. •Observe food safety practices during classroom parties and bake sales.

What I did to try and deal with my passive aggressive nature: Seth and I picked out two books for him to donate to his class in honor of his 7th birthday. I didn’t respond to the email, because I think I would have been mean. And I haven’t heard any response to the books.
But, Seth says he likes his teacher, so that’s what matters.


4 Responses to “School policy…or is it”

  1. Sue Curry September 2, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    Not a rant at all! Unfortunately the teacher didn’t know school policy! The book donation was very appropriate and the teacher needs some inservices on manners AND school policy! The most important thing is that Seth is happy 🙂 Love you, your mother bear;)

  2. Jen September 4, 2014 at 11:09 pm #

    The policy is interesting. One event per month? So the teacher picks what they want to celebrate?
    It is too bad she didn’t know the policy… Gosh for A’s birthday I didn’t even ask I just brought cupcakes (with some gluten free) and non food treats for her to bring in.
    I feel bad now what D’s bday is in the summer?
    Are you going to bring it up at the parent teacher conference?
    Well I’m glad Seth got an extra birthday party on vacation 🙂

  3. Alyson October 9, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    We get the same bull$h!t answer from our school. We can’t bring food either, but I bring fruit kebabs or frozen yogurt sticks anyway. I also got to know the principal pretty well and it helps me get my way, even though all I ask for is to bring fruit! You would think we were asking to bring in a peanut butter cheesecake with a bucket of fudge! Geeze! Anyway, kudos to you for sticking to your guns and I’m glad Seth got to celebrate a little. Hugs!!

  4. Dina Goembel October 28, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    oh man… that stinks! so sorry that you and Seth had to go through that – just hang in there… you’re an awesome mom! I still remember the first time i met you – it was ON Seth’s birthday up at the bus stop! 🙂

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