Our newest “pets”

15 Nov

We are embracing country life here on what my Dad likes to call, “work farm the sequel”. It’s keeping us busy; trees to cut down, wood to stack, leaves to blow, chickens to look after.  Much different from last year in Beijing just calling maintenance and trying to explain the problem in mandarin.  Robert almost cut off his finger last weekend, but has also reaped the benefits of a slimmer waist line from all the manual labor:). We still have boxes of stuff that we don’t need to sort, but who needs the guest house when you have an air matress, and Seth who never sleeps in his room anyway!  The kids love the chickens and yard, even though they might not enjoy those few extra chores. 


Enjoying being pulled almost a mile to the bus stop


Our old hoa would send a nasty gram


Newest hen Elvis little


First hen miss elvis


Princess of the flock


Helping mommy put up chicken wire


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