25 Feb

My studio has been set up, and I have slowly been getting back into clay. As I continue to explore forms that I just touched on in college, I realize how much more I need to learn and practice. The change in location, North Carolina instead of Ohio, also has been adding to the learning curve. Really dry winter air, and my experimenting with larger, almost 10 pounds, clay amounts creates slower drying times and a few cracked bottoms…insert horrible scream and mad face. Other than that and some glaze mishaps, I can’t get enough time to do everything I want to try. My next endeavor is to try mixing my own glazes, which I did in college, but then again just touching the surface of all that is involved I’m sure. Right now in the studio: plates, pie pans, and mugs are drying out.


My little budding artist, always helping;)


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